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Dr Jen B

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You may have tried many things, hacks, productivity tools…but they all seem to fall short! I get it, if I’ve seen one person their thought process and difficulties with their cognition is very different. So I’m used to tailoring your needs to your unique struggles. 

You are STRUGGLING to do your work or get through the day, and struggled with cognitive fatigue, and reduced capacity due to a brain injury, concussion, attention problems, or neurodiversity. 

I have dedicated my career to helping people with brain injuries and have extensive training in the brain and how to get things back on track. 

I work with you to understand what has been helpful and what needs adjustment. My four part framework for brain health is essential to getting you to the next level in your personal and professional life. After our work, my clients tell me they’re calmer, more settled and accepting of themselves. They understand the importance of breaks, exercise, and caring for their brain and body.

What sets this apart?

This is for YOU , if you:

This is NOT for you , if you:

What is included?

My Signature Framework for Recovery


Work with me, a therapist who specializes in brain injury. Mindset shifts are the first step to recovery and I’m here to help you find yours.  Finding your “why” for recovery and life. Tying your “why” to your deeper purpose and goals for family, life, and career. 


You’ve likely been stuck in a stress cycle for quite some time.  I help you decode the nervous system and brain injury emotions. Find more balance, centered thinking, and less overwhelm. I’ll introduce breath work and science regarding brain injury.


Mental wellness and total wellness and your brain injury. We’ll discuss common emotions during the brain injury journey and how to manage them. We’ll identify your needs in your recovery team (medical and beyond).


In our last phase, we integrate your brain injury into the rest of who you are. We’ll review all of the experiences we discuss and touch on key takeaways and how you can become your best self TODAY!

commonly asked


No, it is a coaching program focused on developing emotional and cognitive skills to increase coping and resilience.  It is focused on the first steps in calming your brain injury symptoms to better assist with your ability to focus on your life, work, relationships, and passions. 

 Submit an unlimited number of questions and requests for feedback, and I will respond with a video created just for you within 2 business days T-F, often sooner

Everything is custom and tailored to your needs. I charge $350 for your initial brain health assessment, plan for your spring board to health, and a plan for cognitive care.   I offer couples coaching can be found here which will integrate these themes with your partner.

 Carving out 2-3 hours a week for our coaching sessions and homework are essential to be successful and really get the most out of our sessions. 

You have my portal and you can ask questions in between sessions. Since this is coaching, I can give you a recording if you’d like! Or a video summary. 

I’ve worked with many! My experiences have been varied from severe traumatic brain injury, stroke, aneurysm, toxic mold, concussion, post concussion syndrome, etc. I find that each brain injury and symptoms are unique, so I always ask about your story. I also work well with folks who identify as having unique brains attention problems, neurodiversity, and are on the spectrum.  

A little about me
a curious therapist....

I am a conscientious, practical, and light-hearted facilitator helping people find relief from the grief and panic of brain injury. With curiosity, I seek to deeply understand your circumstances and provide actionable steps to move forward. 

 I love finding ways to get UNSTUCK, I think it’s my superpower in this brain injury world! I believe in trying many things as I’ve found each brain injury is uniquely different, just like you. So a cookie cutter approach, will not work.  The emotional work is HUGE, I’ve found it goes hand and hand with working on “brain stuff”. Really, I find it all part of the recovery but the emotional component is often neglected. 

I believe in you, in this deep work.  Continue searching with open hearts, walk in bravery, and never ever give up! 


Just a..

Thank you

I want to thank you for reading ALL of this! I also want to commend you for the courage that has brought you to this point in your recovery after a brain injury.  I have witnessed the deepest pain and hope from this work.  Those glimmers of hope come from YOU finding your meaning and purpose, and it’s my job to help you clear the clouds that are dimming your deeper sense of meaning and purpose after this life changing experience. I’ll leave you with the words of one of my favorite authors…

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. -Victor Frankl 

In love and hope,

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