Mental Health Therapy and Testing
Grounded in Neuroscience

Therapy and Testing for Traumatic Brain Injury and More!

At TBI Therapist we believe in transformative therapies. As such, we know that you will likely benefit from different types of therapy when you’ve had a brain injury, concussion, long-haul Covid, or other cognitive issue. We’ve developed a cutting edge program that integrates neuroscience, and the latest advances in counseling to aid in a faster and more complete recovery. There’s NOTHING like it!

Neuropsychological Testing

I help people get the treatment direction they need after a brain injury through concussion management and neuropsychological testing. I provide testing to get you the help you need. I specialize in targeted and efficient testing for all brain injuries, ADHD, and more.

and families

Your relationship deserves the best care and attention. It’s is my belief that couples intensives are the most efficient and focused way to meet this goal. This program is very tailored, time efficient, and provides the right tools to increase connection and gain traction where there is gridlock.

Group Therapy

One of the most difficult parts of mental health recovery is facing it alone. We believe that group therapy is the treatment of choice at TBI Therapist. There is solid research in group psychotherapies ability to support your mental health needs. Learn more about our current offerings!



I have dedicated my career to helping people with brain injuries and have extensive training in the brain and how to get things back on track.

I work with you to understand what has been helpful and what needs adjustment. My four part framework for brain health is essential to getting you to the next level in your personal and professional life. After our work, my clients tell me they’re calmer, more settled and accepting of themselves. They understand the importance of breaks, exercise, and caring for their brain and body.

My Signature Framework for Recovery


Work with me, a therapist who specializes in brain health. Mindset shifts are the first step to recovery and I’m here to help you find yours. Finding your “why” for recovery and life. Tying your “why” to your deeper purpose and goals for family, life, and career.


You’ve likely been stuck in a stress cycle for quite some time. I help you decode the nervous system and brain injury emotions. Find more balance, centered thinking, and less overwhelm. I’ll introduce breath work and science regarding brain calm.


Mental wellness and total wellness and your brain injury. We’ll discuss common emotions during the brain injury journey and how to manage them. We’ll identify your needs in your recovery team (medical and beyond).


In our last phase, we integrate your brain injury into the rest of who you are. We’ll review all of the experiences we discuss and touch on key takeaways and how you can become your best self TODAY!

Dr. Jen Blanchette leaning on the railing outsider her office wearing a black tank top

A little about me

A curious therapist

I am a conscientious, practical, and light-hearted facilitator helping people find relief from the grief and panic of brain injury. With curiosity, I seek to deeply understand your circumstances and provide actionable steps to move forward.

I love finding ways to get UNSTUCK, I think it’s my superpower in this brain injury world! I believe in trying many things as I’ve found each brain injury is uniquely different, just like you. So a cookie cutter approach, will not work. The emotional work is HUGE, I’ve found it goes hand and hand with working on “brain stuff”. Really, I find it all part of the recovery but the emotional component is often neglected.

I believe in you, in this deep work. Continue searching with open hearts, walk in bravery, and never ever give up!