Hope After Concussion with Cristabelle Braden

March 29, 2022
The TBI Therapist Podcast with Dr. Jen Blanchette and Cristabelle Braden

Episode 16! I’m very excited to introduce you to Cristabelle Braden, a fantastic advocate and champion of hope after brain injury.  She was completely vulnerable regarding her journey through difficult relationships, symptoms of brain injury, and mental health struggles.  She even sang for us with her inspiring new song.  It’s a must listen! 

Meet Cristabelle: 

Cristabelle Braden is an award-winning singer/songwriter, speaker, writer, podcast host, and advocate for brain injury. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, she began to write music during the recovery process. Whether speaking or singing, she brings her powerful testimony and a message of freedom, healing, and love wherever she goes. She is devoted to bringing support and education through weekly episodes of “Hope Survives® | Brain Injury Podcast” and her online support community Hope After Head Injury. 

Things we discussed: 

  •  One thing that people often get wrong about brain injury is that energy levels can vary from day to day.  
  • Survivors often don’t realize their own identity as separate from their brain injury. 
  • “We can view ourselves as broken” 
  • You are more than your injury, there is hope for improvement. 
  • We talk about dysautonomia, here’s a reference for anyone wanting more information.
  • “Get a second opinion, third opinion, tenth opinion.” 
  • Worth does not come from your brain injury. 
  • We talk about relationships and how a brain injury can make you not trust your gut when something is off. 
  • Cristabelle found that she was susceptible to abuse due to not trusting herself. 
  • If you feel like something is wrong, it likely is, you may need help. 
  • Here is information for anyone going through an abusive situation https://www.thehotline.org/.
  • Also anyone feeling depressed or having thoughts of death there is help https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ International resources https://www.opencounseling.com/suicide-hotlines
  • Cristabelle sings for us!!! Check it out 🙂


Takeaway #1

Cristabelle’s song says “with a little hope”, she talks about finding the small spark or desire for change.  Find something that lifts your spirit when you have a hard time. Definitely don’t sit in the dark.  Put on something that will encourage you! For Cristabelle it’s her faith, friends, and reaching out to others. 

Takeaway #2

Recovery takes time, Cristabelle started her page 10 years ago.  We can’t compare our start to someone else’s ending or success.  

Takeaway #3

You are not alone! She sends her virtual hug. 🙂

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