TBI Therapist

1:1 Services and Consulting

Brain Injury Coachin for Individuals, Couples, and Organizations

I offer short-term and focused coaching for individuals needing support returning to work, home life, or needing clarity on their concussion/brain injury symptoms.  

1:1 Signature program

After a concussion (or MTBI) many people have seen a lot of various providers. Many times, that leaves you feeling lost or stuck in your recovery.  I focus on understanding your story and what you’ve tried in the past. I understand burnout and job stress related to brain injury and tools to aid in your success.  I will also give you tailored strategies based on your needs and our initial conversation.  Coaching can include the following: 

  • Working through my signature framework to create new ideas, mindset shifts, education about the nervous system and trauma. Which includes resources, journals, and education on each topic.
    • Befriend your Brain.
    • Balance your brain.
    • Belong with others after Brain Injury.
    • Becoming more than your injury.
 Planned meetings
  •  1-60 minute strategy meeting via zoom. 
  • 30 minute huddles each week to focus on implementing my signature framework. 
  • Video 1:1  support from (me) Jen (days T-F) 
  •  Priority email support during your program.  

$500 monthly or 3 months for $2,500

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Couples Program 2:1

One of my passions is relationship work! I have worked with many couples over the years after a brain injury. I find that many of my couples lack the tools to support each other as both are suffering from the changes that an injury can bring. Coaching is focused on strengths in your relationship vs. a problem focused approach. Coaching will include the following: 

  • Understanding you and your partners communication
  • Grief and Loss after an injury
  • How to give and receive support from your partner. 
  • Education on understanding your partner’s injury. 
  • Education on how to talk about brain injury.
  • Coaching for connection and how to have fun!!
 Planned meetings and program details:
  • We’ll start with a 120 minute couples coaching assessment, over 3 meetings.  
  • Afterwards, 1– 75 minute meeting via zoom with the couple and Dr. Jen Blanchette twice monthly. 
  • Targeted homework with short audio/videos exercises. 
  • Video support (M-F) within 2 business days of your question. 
  •  Priority email support.
  • 6 month pricing available upon request.

3 month program~$3000
(or 5 payments of $600 (same price)

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Consulting and Trainings

Are you looking for training or consultation? 

I am available for one time trainings, ongoing training and consultation for institutions, organizations, and small companies.  I am passionate about brain injury education and providing skills on a number of areas: 

  • Trauma and mTBI/Concussion
  • Brain Optimization
  • Why Brain Injury Emotions are so Hard!
  • Spirituality and Trauma
  • Spirituality and Brain Injury
  • Navigating Relationships in the workplace after a brain injury
  • Healthy Boundaries and Limits after Brain Injury
  • Compensatory Strategies after Concussion/mTBI

Let me know your Needs for consultation!

I look forward to hearing from you! Reach out to me if you have any questions 🙂

xoxo, jen

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