Understanding yourself and others
after concussion

Group therapy after concussion or ABI/TBI

Group therapy can provide valuable support for those struggling with the emotional aspects of concussion, including feeling alone and isolated.

In a group , you will feel less alone and be able to express yourself freely without fear of judgment or stigma because you’ll be with other survivors.

Group sessions are also great places for learning new coping skills that can help you deal better when tough times come again soon after starting treatment. It can be even MORE effective than individual services, as cited by research in the field, but at minimum is as effective!

This Is For YOU , If You:

This Is NOT For You , If You:

What we’ll do:

  • Meet for 75 min on a confidential telehealth platform

  • Start with a nervous system regulation technique from Dr. Jen
  • Discuss tools and support for your concussion journey. Resources will be emailed weekly. 
  • Commit for a 10 week session.

The Group starts on January 11th at 1 p.m. EST

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$75 per session $150 group intake