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Worklife Balance and Brain Injury with Joe Sanoch

Episode #2: Worklife Balance and Brain Injury with Joe Sanoch. During this conversation, Joe talks about his new book Thursday is the New Friday.  We talk about how to optimize your schedule and work less! Most importantly, we discuss how our expectations of our ability to work more hours or do more things doesn’t make us more productive or achieve more, even before a brain injury or the pandemic for that matter. 


Meet Joe: 


Joe Sanok is the author of Thursday is the New Friday: How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want. It examines how the four-day workweek boosts creativity and productivity. Joe has been featured on Forbes, GOOD Magazine, and The Smart Passive Income Podcast. He is the host of the popular The Practice of the Practice Podcast, which is recognized as one of the Top 50 Podcasts worldwide with over 100,000 downloads each month. Bestselling authors, experts, scholars, and business leaders and innovators are featured and interviewed in the 550 plus podcasts he has done over the last six years.


Things we discussed: 

  • How the 5 day workday is a somewhat new creation. The industrialist model tells us that productivity is best and anything that is “unproductive” should be cut out.  We don’t believe that people are machines anymore.  We know that people work differently.  
  • That when we work 40 hours a week, we really aren’t productive.  After the 30 hour mark, we lose productivity. 
  • We discuss the great resignation over the pandemic, where many of us are asking ourselves why we are working the way we are working. 
  • Listen to what you need in your work life balance, homelife, and break the system! 




Takeaway #1


Make hard and soft boundaries around your weekend.  What is one thing that you can do to bring yourself joy over the weekend? What is one thing that you can take away that is draining your energy?


Takeaway #2

We don’t do our best work when we are burned out or stressed out.  Bend the system until it breaks! Fight for your needs from your family, work place, etc.

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