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This was such a rich conversation about the story of brain injury. Lethan says don’t get stuck on a plan. He says he was stuck initially on being an actor, which changed after his injury. When he didn’t feel the same drive, he felt lost. When he realized he didn’t have to do those things, he started to enjoy his life. He talked about how he is enjoying his international life that would have never happened without going through his injury.

Lethan Candlish is an author, educator, inspirational storyteller, and brain injury survivor. As his graduate thesis project in Storytelling, Lethan researched, composed and performed Who Am I, Again?, a storytelling piece that has been shared throughout the US and is praised for its candidly honest language. Most recently, Lethan published his acclaimed book, Who Am I, Now? Using storytelling to Accept and Appreciate self-identity after TBI. He is currently studying the best way to use storytelling as a tool in recovery with rehabilitation academics in New Zealand and Australia.

Tips for Recovery

Tip #1:

Just start talking about your story. Talk with people that are closest to you. Lethan says this is vulnerable, but necessary from his perspective.

Tip #2

Keep a journal-put your story in order to make it relatable to other people. Spend time to compose a story of your brain injury. Lethan composed an actual story of his event and found it very helpful for him. It helps when you are ready to tell your story to others.

Tip #3

  1. Find a safe place to tell your story, such as friends, family, or a support group.
  2. Find other survivors to share your story. A survivor group is a great idea.

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Who Am I, Now? Using storytelling to Accept and Appreciate self-identity after TBI

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