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Speech Therapy, Brain Injury, and Mindfulness with Katherine Noyes

Episode#12! Today we talk about all things speech therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. Katherine Noyes, SLP, CBIS is a licensed speech pathologist and brain injury specialist. She talks a little bit about what speech therapy looks like with someone who has a brain injury. She focuses on functional goals, that fit your life. She also believes in a holistic approach through wellness and mindfulness.

Meet Katherine:

Katherine Noyes, co-owner of Lotus Speech & Wellness, LLC, is a licensed speech-language pathologist, certified brain injury specialist, and registered yoga teacher. She has worked as an SLP for over 10 years in both inpatient and outpatient medical settings, as well as in the public schools. She specializes in helping adults with neurological impairments improve communication, cognition, and mind-body wellness through her speech therapy and yoga offerings.

Things we discussed:

  • Functional goals for brain injury are important.
  • We talked about attention, memory, and executive functioning.
  • We had a great discussion for metaphors for executive functioning like a CEO or a conductor.
  • Katherine discussed the role of yoga and mindfulness in her own life and how she shares that in her practice.
  • We talked about love your brain yoga, a great organization bringing yoga to folks after a brain injury. https://www.loveyourbrain.com/


Takeaway #1

Katherine says let’s not reinvent the wheel! She finds that taking strategies from your life now is important to have something that may work for you post-injury.

Takeaway #2

Be your own advocate. Brain injuries can be complex and each one is unique. She suggests finding a professional who has training in brain injury.

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