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Q&A with Dr. Jen: Why am I so angry after a brain injury?

Episode #20: It’s me this week! I’ve received this question so many times while working with my courageous survivors, and recently a listener. Dr. Jen…why am I so angry? How do I stop feeling so pissed off!!

I talk about this and my journey to understand this complicated emotion and in the words of Berne Brown…a powerful catalyst but a life-sucking companion.

Things discussed:


Takeaway #1

It’s ok to be angry! But don’t stay there. Find ways to use it as a catalyst as it is a life-sucking companion.

Takeaway #2

Work through your nervous system. There are probably great physiological reasons why you are feeling anger. Check out my free email course below, I talk about that a bunch there!

Takeaway #3

Be mindful of your physiological state. Wearable technology has come a long way! Use measures of physiology as guides to rest and take a break when you are triggered or angry.

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