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Mental Health with Julie Kuch Brain Injury Life Coach

During this conversation, Julie talks about the shame after a brain injury. She discusses one of the most difficult memories after her stroke. She’ll explain strategies that worked for her to manage depression after a brain injury.

Meet Julie:

Julie Kuch is a life coach for people with brain injuries. She has helped hundreds of people around the globe live happier, more joyful lives after their brain injury. She has also experienced brain injuries of her own. In 2009 she had a stroke and in 2020 she had a concussion. Knowing firsthand how it feels to live with the TBI has helped her tremendously in reaching her clients. She is a mother to five amazing kids, and a wife to a super rad husband. She loves running and doughnuts but not necessarily in that order. But …..not against it either.

Things we discussed:


Takeaway #1

You are your best advocate. Your doctors and others in your life may have different ideas. If something feels off, continue to pursue what feels right.

Takeaway #2

Sleep is essential! Julie discusses a digital sunset. Her routine is taking a bath and using bath salts to settle her brain and body for sleep. She also discussed a cool room, etc.

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