TBI Therapist

Bonus, a re-air from Hope After Head Injury! Have you wanted to learn about other therapies for concussion or acquired brain injury?

This week on the podcast I talk about EMDR and we have a re-air of a podcast from Cristabelle Braden’s podcast, Hope After Head Injury. I link the original episode on her podcast here:

I thought you would get a ton of value from listening to her questions.

You can also hear me talking about EMDR here on a therapy focused podcast: https://thingsyoulearnintherapy.buzzsprout.com/

All the trauma things last week! Finally, I co-authored a blog…I will get it up on my site when I get some help with that!

Until then, check it out on Veronique’s blog: https://www.weirdwonderfulbrain.com/post/emdr-processing-trauma

I also provide this therapy in my clinical practice in the state of Maine. Spend a week (or a couple days) with me in beautiful Freeport, Maine and heal from the trauma of your injury. www.newlifeofmaine.com.

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