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The podcast is back for the start of fall! My hope is to have episodes weekly for you on Fridays through the fall. I recorded this episode in the summer that was based off of this blog article that gives you an overview of brain injury emotions: https://tbitherapist.com/blog/the-emotional-rollercoaster-of-brain-injury/


There is a wide range of emotions after a concussion. It can feel very unsettling to say the least. The lack of control over these emotions can cause a lot of distress. Keeping a log or tracking your emotions is very helpful. Sometimes it’s the time of day or after overtaxing your brain. Sometimes just moving through the emotion and noting a beginning, middle, and end. It’s normal to get stuck. Tools for big emotions include movement, physical touch, using your senses, compassion for yourself about your changing emotions (this is HUGE!).

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