Find More Ease with a Balanced Brain

Neuroscience Based Coaching for Leaders and Go-Getters

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of work, family, and life?

Do you feel like you're constantly in a fog, struggling to focus or be creative?

Are you exhausted from trying to do it all?

There is a better way.

With my help, you can learn how to function at your highest level and get more done with less stress.

Reasons to consider coaching

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and psychotherapy have similar goals, but there is a key difference in how they approach their clients.

Therapy focuses on causes of mental health concerns or a clinical diagnosis while coaching focuses on building strength and resilience.

How Neuro-coaching works:

  1. Set up a free consult call


  2. Commit to 6 months of coaching for best results


  3. Meet 2x monthly for 45 min


  4. Receive customized tools and support between your meetings grounding in brain health and neuroscience
Middle Age Woman sitting on a couch with her computer receiving coaching from Dr. Jen Blanchette of TBI Therapy

Reasons why my approach
is different

Commonly Asked Questions

No, it is a coaching program focused on developing emotional and cognitive skills to increase coping and resilience. Your program is designed for you! I’ll ask you a series of questions to ascertain your brain wellness. From that, we’ll work on tools and resources for increased brain health and neuro-coaching for optimal resilience. We will focus on how your wellness dovetails with the structure of your professional and personal life and assist in helping you make hands on adjustments to optimize your workflows and decision making. 

Submit an unlimited number of questions and requests for feedback, and I will respond with a video created just for you within 2 business days T-F, often sooner

Everything is custom and tailored to your needs. We tailor a custom plan targeted to your goals.  Meetings will be bi-monthly or weekly.  Most of my clients spend around $650-$950 per month on custom coaching with 1:1 access to me through emails, weekly (or bi-monthly meetings) via Zoom, and habit tracking and formation. 

First, I want you to feel that this will fit into your life. You probably have SO much on your plate. I’ll provide gentle accountability to aid in meeting your goals. 

You have my portal and you can ask questions in between sessions. I love to send resources in between for support and further thought. 

 I also work well with folks who identify as having unique brains and may identify with varying levels of attention,  neurodiversity, and/or fatigue. I also work with leaders who want to find optimal brain health to perform better in their life.  I utilize neuroscience to suggest tools and increase flow in your personal and professional life. 

Dr. Jen Blanchette leaning on the railing outsider her office wearing a black tank top

A little about me

A brain health expert

I am a conscientious, practical, and light-hearted psychologist and entrepreneur with deep knowledge of both business and wellness. With curiosity, I seek to deeply understand your circumstances and provide actionable steps to move forward.

I love finding ways to get UNSTUCK, and learn to develop play, curiosity, and creativity again. As you may know mental wellness is HUGE, I’ve found it goes hand and hand with working on strategy. I want to see you as a whole person and find the best tools to have you embody that realized self. 

I believe in you and in deep work to achieve deep rest for your brain and body.  My belief and experience is this translates into wilder success personally and professionally.