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I'm Jen.

I remember growing up as a helper.  I asked my mom about what kind of child I was and I was taken a back by her reflections. Let’s take it way back….at the age of 3, my mom told me a story about someone visibly distressed in our family.  She says that we were all surrounding this person as they cried.  I took it upon myself to get her a glass of water, to help her in some tangible way. She was deeply touched and it left an impact on others about who I would become. I know that I was born this way, to try to stop pain even for a moment.

Throughout the years, I’ve continued to gravitate toward helping and community.  I love the power of groups, personally and professionally.  In my personal life, I am a group fitness and yoga instructor.  The feeling of gathering and working together is so special and amazingly healing. Especially after these pandemic times, gathering and holding space together is vital to healing. 

My brain injury training was at a local neurorehabilitation center.  I found my clients experienced sense of peace, togetherness, and understanding from their group experiences.  I know that these experiences were special and not available to many that were recovering from a brain injury. 

I see my role as providing a space where healing can happen. I know that survivors need A TON of support.  There really isn’t any other way! I help you find your voice when you need to put the brakes on life, to communicate your needs, and to STOP beating yourself up.  

It is my desire to help you have an easier road to recovery and find glimmers of joy. It may seem hopeless and I know that you are likely EXHAUSTED from trying to hold it together.  I’m excited to meet you and have you get the support that you need from other brain injury warriors! 

I Have Thoroughly Enjoyed Working With Jennifer On A Professional Level As A Counselor. She’s A Skilled Leader With A Sensitive Heart With Loads Of Intuition. I Highly Recommend Her!
~Angel Silva, LCPC-C, NCC

About me:

I hold four degrees in psychology, I am a licensed clinical psychologist, trauma expert, a competitive tennis player, a spiritual person (Christian), dancer and passionate dog owner.  

I am also a down to earth person who loves to laugh at dog and cat videos and find ways to not be as serious. I find that humor is essential on a brain recovery journey, because it’s just so, so hard.  

As a fitness professional, I love to find ways for people to move as we know it’s some of the best medicine for our brains and bodies.  I love sharing that passion with others.  

I live in the beautiful state of Maine with my husband and two boys.  

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