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Finding your path to recovery and wholeness after a brain injury

Compassionate, focused coaching  and resources for cognitive care, increased regulation, and peace after a brain injury

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Are you sick and tired of explaining your brain injury symptoms to others and they just don’t seem to get it?

Whether you’re exhausted, struggling to get back to work (or home responsibilities), dealing with too many “bad” days, or struggling with your relationships–I get it. You need a path through the emotions, fatigue, and overwhelm.  I’ve sat with the pain of these feelings with so many survivors and understand how lonely it can feel.  

You’ve worked so hard in your life to reach amazing things.  However, you are burned out from the fatigue of know what to do about your brain injury, job, or homelife. 

I work best with driven survivors who are also professionals and go-getters who need targeted strategies to help them recover. I’ve seen the toll that getting back to work and life takes on many survivors.
I take pride in being a burnout buster and helping you find deep rest and success in your career and relationships.

Tired of explaining your symptoms to others? I'm here to help!

Jen Blanchette

hey there,

I'm Jen!

I help brain injury survivors find the tools and support they need to LIVE again. I have over 10 years of training and experience in brain injury therapy and neuropsychological testing. My superpower is curiosity, out of the box thinking, and a huge heart for people who are trying to rebuild their lives after an accident or illness.

TBI Therapist is lead by Dr. Jen Blanchette, a licensed psychologist, trauma (PTSD) expert, fitness expert, and concussion clinician who tailors coaching to your mental health and total wellness needs. I truly believe that meaning, joy, and connection are possible and I look forward to working with you!


My Programs

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Coaching for Brain Health
1:1 Coaching for Unique Brains

Are you a professional, driven person, and have succeeded in many ways in your life? You struggle however with the limitations after a brain injury, concussion or TBI. You have so much to offer the world but need tools to work with vs. against your brain.  Dr. Blanchette also work well with many unique and neurodiverse folks too! 

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Consulting for families, Groups, and Organizations

Would you like to work with your family members or partner to understand your unique brain or injury? Or, are you an organization that could use staff training, consultation, or support working with individuals affected by a brain injury? Dr. Blanchette provides trainings, consultation, and feedback for organizations who may need guidance on return to work or school after a brain injury. 

Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.

-“Viktor Frankl quoting Nietzsche”